Workshop "Overcoming Procrastination" (On-Demand)

Target audience: all students with disruptive procrastination tendencies.

People are predisposed in such a way that they basically want to avoid unhappiness and in-crease their momentary experience of happiness. However, this disposition is often at odds with the goals one wants to achieve in life and the demands life places on one. To deal with this tension, many people choose the strategy of keeping unpleasant things away from them-selves for as long as possible and only completing them at the last possible moment, usually under extreme stress.

You may find this workshop helpful if you recognize yourself in any of the following statements:

  • You tend to bury your head in the sand until you can't help but face the demand, such as writing term paper, paying reminders, studying for exams.
  • You wonder about yourself how you manage to block out the pressure of approaching deadlines and exams, but suffer from a constant guilty conscience for not staying on the ball.
  • You fear failure because of your procrastination.
  • You feel like your procrastination is keeping you well below your performance potential, but you don't know how to overcome this dynamic.

In this workshop we develop strategies to overcome procrastination with the goal that you can use your energies more evenly and efficiently. In addition to strategic work planning, the strengthening of sustainable (learning) motivation plays a central role in the workshop.

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