Workshop "Values-Based Self-Leadership: Enhancing Focus in Life" (On-Demand)

Target group: all HSG students

Good self-leadership is an important prerequisite for a balanced and successful personal and professional life. Good self-leadership requires conscious prioritization and therefore knowledge of your own values, boundaries and goals. This workshop supports you in develop-ing your self-leadership skills.

You might find this workshop helpful if you recognize yourself in any of the following statements

  • You want too many things at the same time and get under pressure because you don't have enough time for everything.
  • You get caught up too often in insignificant activities and then have too little time for what matters.
  • You find it difficult to say "no", especially to interesting things, and therefore regularly overstep your own limits
  • You are physically and mentally exhausted or in poor health more often, or you lack pleasure in many things.
  • There is no area of life in which you can sufficiently recharge your energy and you therefore have the impression that you always have to exert yourself everywhere.
  • You are unsure whether you are making your life good and suitable for you.

The starting point of the workshop are the essential questions: "How do I want to live?" and "How do I manage to organize my life so that I live the way I want to?" The workshop aims to enable you to name your own needs, goals and values in a more differentiated way and to better use the energy available to you. Following on from this, suitable and efficient strategies are to be developed in order to better and more sustainably coordinate requirements and resources.

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