Please contact us if you are interested in consulting on the topics of gender, leadership and well-being!

Would you like to increase the proportion of female managers in your company and, in doing so, tap the potential of male managers for gender equality work? We would be happy to support you:

Organisational diagnostics

Find out how the women and men in management positions in your company assess the gender equality commitment of the male managers - and see where your company stands compared to our reference sample of Swiss companies.

Gender equality activities and strategic orientation

Based on this essential information about the status quo, we will work with you to develop targeted and customised gender equality techniques. Of course, we will also be happy to support your own adjustment and application of these techniques in practice.

Gender dialogues

Our project results have shown that exchange and understanding between women and men in leadership positions is necessary for shaping equality. We would be happy to conduct gender dialogues in your company tailored to your needs. Here, female and male executives in your company participate in a conversation about this specific topic. They can exchange knowledge about gender equality and the inclusion or exclusion they have experienced and, from this, develop practical, effective, gender equality measures.

With this continuous series of events, the gender-equality programme in your company becomes visible and familiar simultaneously, its relevance becomes evident, and the topic becomes more widely accepted.

Gender-inclusive leadership practices

In individual and group coaching sessions and in workshops for managers, we help you learn about, try out and consolidate concrete possibilities for action. Every manager can become an agent for gender equality and apply grass-roots gender-inclusive leadership practices - regardless of whether there are overarching concepts, strategies and measures to promote gender equality in the company.

Sustainable Self Leadership

It has also become apparent in our research that, due to their being under-represented, female managers are sometimes exposed to unique workplace burdens. Due to their responsible and prominent position, they are often confronted with quite stressful gender-specific problems and disadvantages.  In workshops and coachings, we develop psychologically effective and sustainable self leadership practices with female managers. We support organisations in implementing best practices to create the conditions for psychologically sustainable leaders.

Lunch Talks and Online Seminars

Are you a manager looking for information, knowledge and verbal exchange to actively shape gender equality? In cooperation with Swiss Leaders we cordially invite you to our events.

At our regular Lunch Talks, you can "get a taste" of the various aspects of gender equality, and network with other managers and exchange ideas.

In the online seminars, we delve into individual topics and offer you concrete tools and support so that you can shape equality in your own day-to-day management.

Are you as a company interested in these proposed formats? You are welcome to "host" individual events, That is, you are the host, and we design the content together with you.

Keynotes, lectures and workshops

We would be happy to help shape your in-house or public (analogue or digital) event with varied and interactive contributions from our research and corporate practice – including suggestions as to intervention and action.

We look forward to hearing from you - and getting to know you!