Services for HSG employees

In addition to personal issues, we support HSG employees in reflecting on challenging professional situations and in work conflicts. In the context of collegial supervision we discuss, for example, difficult counselling situations and how to deal with potential (suicidal) crisis, aggressive behavior or a suspected psychological disorder of others. We are also happy to provide our psychological expertise as part of a comprehensive psychological professional consultation.

Conflicts in your social environment, persistent changes in your mood, motivational difficulties, grueling stress, stressful life events, anxiety or sleep problems can greatly reduce your profes-sional and private quality of life. In a personal discussion with you, we identify individual opportunities to stabilize your mental health and professional performance in the long term and to use your personal resources in a solution-oriented manner.

Communicating a bad grade to a student? Or tackle a difficult conversation with a doctoral student?

Anyone who represents different interests and takes on different roles in a work context is fa-miliar with feelings of ambivalence and inner conflict. Enter into a conversation with us if these tensions are draining too much of your energy. It can often be helpful to reflect and prioritize interests, commitments, and incompatible tasks with a professional in order to take clear posi-tions and use your potential.

Do you suffer from the climate at your workplace or do you feel that work colleagues do?

If technical or personal issues in a team come to a head, plurality gets the upper hand or compromises and a common path seem difficult, it can be helpful to call in a neutral, professional expert. In individual discussions and in the team, underlying factors can be analyzed, new perspectives can be adopted and possible joint solutions can be found.

Are you worried or unsure how to respond to the behavior of a staff member or student?

We advise and inform both employees and students on how to deal with mental illness and crises of others as well as how to deal with violations of personal integrity.

The employees of the PBS provide their psychological expertise for issues that are in the interest of the University of St.Gallen. On request, they prepare specialist information and advise the university management, committees, specialist units, institutes and individual employees of the university on content-related, conceptual and strategic issues. This includes in particular the support and cooperation with university departments (regarding the evaluation and handling of student cases and psychological issues. Upon request, PBS employees also support or moderate the communication process between employees and students or their relatives.