Course Overview


In the assessment year, we organise the German- and English language course programme "Psychology" as part of the context studies. The approximately 12 courses each semester cover topics from social psychology, clinical, ecological and general psychology as well as occupational and organisational psychology. A competent and committed team of lecturers and assistant lecturers teaches here, some of whom have also completed their doctorates at our department.

2,720,1.00 Psychology: Mental Health and Society [Nilima Chowdhury]
2,721,1.00 Psychology: Climate Crisis and Behaviour Change [Julia Nentwich]
2,722,1.00 Psychologie: Organisation und Gesundheit [Susanne Zajitschek]
2,723,1.00 Psychologie: Klimapsychologie – Transformation und Blockaden [Anna-Katrin Heydenreich]
2,724,1.00 Psychologie: Lüge und Wahrheit [Revital Ludewig-Kedmi]
2,725,1.00 Psychologie: Psychologie des gelingenden Lebens [Andreas M. Krafft]
2,726,1.00 Psychology: Gender, Work and Well-Being [Nilima Chowdhury]
2,727,1.00 Psychologie: Arbeit und Organisation [Matthias Hudecek]
2,728,1.00 Psychology: Psychology of Learning and Attention [Mohammed Shafiullah]
2,729,1.00 Psychologie: Psychische Gesundheit in Organisationen [Giacomo Platano]
2,742,1.00 Psychologie: Diskriminierung, Kategorisierung und Intergruppenverhalten [Daniel Villiger]
2,746,1.00 Psychologie: Coaching und Gesprächsführung [Michael Peters]

1,720,1.00 Psychologie: Diskriminierung, Kategorisierung und Intergruppenverhalten [Daniel Villiger]
1,723,1.00 Psychologie: Psychische Gesundheit in Organisationen [Giacomo Platano]
1,724,1.00 Psychologie: Organisation und Gesundheit [Susanne Zajitschek]
1,725,1.00 Psychologie: Coaching und Gesprächsführung [Michael Peters]
1,726,1.00 Psychologie: Stress und Gesundheit [Mark Laukamm]
1,728,1.00 Psychologie: Führung in Krisenzeiten [Lucia Andrea Görke]
1,742,1.00 Psychologie: Gender und Diversität [Julia Nentwich]
1,746,1.00 Psychologie: Kommunikation und Konflikt [Mark Laukamm]

1,721,1.00 Psychology: Gender, Work and Well-Being [Nilima Chowdhury]
1,722,1.00 Psychology: Learning and Attention [Mohammed Shafiullah]
1,727,1.00 Psychology: Mental Health and Societey [Nilima Chowdhury]
1,729,1.00 Psychology: Psychology of Change and Intervention [Florian Schulz]


A systematic introduction to the theoretical approaches and practical applications of organisational psychology, with sub-areas such as diagnostics, problem solving, design in work and organisation, and interventions such as mentoring and organisational development. Other courses develop specific theoretical perspectives on organisations, linking organisation to space and architecture, gender and diversity, or craft work and creativity. These topics are offered as part of the contextual studies.

4,700,1.00 – Recht/Law: Psychologische Begutachtung für die Rechtspraxis – Einführung in die Rechtspsychologie [Revital Ludewig-Kedmi]
4,761,1.00 – Freier Bereich/Open Area: Angst, Stress, Mobbing, Burnout im Unternehmen – was man dagegen tun kann [Nicola Jacobshagen]
4,794.1.00 - Skills: Dream Team – Mentoringprogramm für die nächste Generation (Teil 2) [Michael Peters und Florian Schulz]
4,797,1.00 – Skills: Experimental Methods in Behavioural Research [Mohammed Shafiullah]

3,640,1.00 – Kreativität/Creativity: Die andere Universität – Atmosphären der Forschung und Lehre [Christoph Michels]
3,760,1.00 – Freier Bereich/Open Area: Cyberspace and Human Behavior [Nicola Jacobshagen]
3,789.1.00 – Kulturen/Cultures: Language Diversity in Transcultural Workplaces [Claudine Gaibrois]
3.794,1.00 – Skills: Interpreting Statistical Data from Behavioural Research [Mohammed Shafiullah]


The Master courses are based on contemporary research interests and thus prioritise our own current projects and research questions.

In the Master's programmes SIM, MOK, MIA and MSC we offer courses on selected topics such as organisational behaviour, group dynamics and qualitative research methods. Furthermore, we offer specialised courses in context studies, e.g. in the focus areas: Creativity, Cultures, Responsibility and Law.

8,500,1.00 – Creativity and Team Dynamics [Chris Steyaert]
8,647,1.00 – Kreativität/Creativity: Organizing Care (European Haniel Program, Summer Academy 2024 [Timon Beyes and Chris Steyaert]

7,368,1.00 – Qualitative Research: Design, Methods and Analysis [Julia Nentwich & Tanja Schneider]
7,515,1.00 – Resilienz organisieren: Förderung von psychischer Gesundheit und nachhaltiger Leistungsfähigkeit in einer städtischen Verwaltung [Florian Schulz]
7,664,1.00 – Kulturen/Cultures: Responsible – The Psychology of Indian Culture [Mohammed Shafiullah]
7,702,1.00 – Recht/Law: Recht und Psychologie: Die Tätigkeit von Richtern und Rechtsanwälten aus psychologischer Sicht [Revital Ludewig-Kedmi]
7,795,1.00 – Skills: Dream Team – Mentoringprogramm für die nächste Generation (Teil 1) [Michael Peters und Florian Schulz] 

Doctoral courses

We are particularly open to research projects that are based on an empirical design, contribute to theoretical debates in the form of conference papers and journal publications, and are anchored in current academic debates.

Interested applicants are asked to apply with a CV, a letter of motivation and a first project proposal (5-10 pages).

10,654,1.00 – Colloquium: Organization Studies: [Julia Nentwich und Chris Steyaert]


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