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"We are Leaders for Equality" is a program that demonstrates a company or administration's dedication to achieving equal opportunities. Creating a culture of equality takes time and requires continuous commitment. Our team is here to guide and support you on this journey. Our primary focus is on the - primarily male - executives, as their involvement is crucial for the effective implementation of equality measures. You can also become a part of "Leaders for Equality" and access our resources and procedures to promote equality within your organization


We have designed an online survey that can help us assess the level of commitment male managers have towards gender equality in your organization. The survey will help us determine 

  • what inspires and holds them back,
  • where they are currently taking action, 
  • areas that require improvement, 
  • and how your company compares to others.

In order to gather a complete picture, both male and female executives are surveyed. Like this we obtain both perspectives. The result is a well-researched report that provides a clear evaluation of the current situation and actionable recommendations for advancing a culture of gender equality and increasing the participation of male managers in the process.

The results of online surveys conducted so far have revealed that male executives tend to have a more positive self-perception of their commitment to gender equality than their fe-male colleagues' external perception of them. To address this disparity, it is to initiate dialogue on the following topics: 

  • Why do male and female managers perceive things differently?
  • How can we establish common understandings? 
  • What do managers need to promote gender inclusivity?

We propose initiating a continuous exchange with you through a series of dialogue events on topics that have emerged from the survey results on male executives' gender equality com-mitment in your company or those that you perceive as important and relevant.

To create a workplace that values equal opportunities for all, managers must priori-tize gender inclusivity in their daily work, regardless of whether or not the company has already implemented gender equality measures. 
It is necessary to deepen and expand on the identified aspects on the key topics of gender-inclusive leadership practices:

  • Developing a culture of equality
  • Demanding fairness
  • Supporting and promoting women
  • Facilitating work-life integration 

Our team works with you to develop tailored workshops, training sessions, and con-sulting services to address these critical issues within your organization.

Equality work is often handled by a single person or a small team, which can lead to a heavy workload. To alleviate this, we recom-mend creating a council made up of dedicated managers and em-ployees who can collaboratively work towards advancing equality within the company.

Our partner companies who have implemented this approach un-der the "We are Leaders for Equality" program have seen positive results. 
We are here to support you in delegating these responsibilities and spreading them across multiple individuals.

To achieve equality in your company’s organizational development, it is essential to have executives and employees who are both trained and sensitized. Additionally, handouts and processes that enable personnel selection and development in an equal oppor-tunity manner are necessary. These include

  • Gender-sensitive recruitment and staff selection processes;
  • Gender-oriented and fair personnel and career development;
  • Addressing implicit bias in personnel recruitment and devel-opment;
  • Implementing male role models;
  • and integrating gender-inclusive leadership practices in man-agement training

If you need support in developing and implementing these aspects, or if you have other topics that are important to you, we are happy to help. 

Through our research, it has become evident that female executives may face in-creased levels of stress due to their underrepresentation in leadership positions. As they hold responsible and prominent roles, they often encounter gender-specific challenges and disadvantages that can cause significant psychological strain. This can pose a long-term obstacle to increasing the number of women in management positions. To address this issue, we offer workshops, trainings, and coaching ses-sions to develop psychologically work and leadership practices practices for female executives.

The DE&I Journey is a joint offering of Leaders for Equality and the Competence Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI). It offers a tailored approach with a systemic approach that ensures successful DE&I management.