Research stay as visiting PhD-Fellow

Jonas Friedrich, Ph.D. Candidate and Research Associate at OPSY, has the chance to continue his research on ‘Democratic Organizing for the Socio-Ecological Transformation’ as a visiting PhD-Fellow at the Department of Organization (IOA) at the Copenhagen Business School this autumn. He is kindly hosted by Associate Professor Emil Husted who has extensively published on alternative organizing and is part of the editorial collective of Journal Ephemera. In the Department of Organization (IOA), Jonas has the chance to take part in departmental groups such as ‘imagine… Center for Creative Industries and Institutions’ organized by Jesper Strandgaard and Silviya Svejenova or the Organisational Theory group (OT@IOA) by Renate Meyer and Eva Boxenbaum and feels like to be part of a vibrant Ph.D. community in the field of organization studies. 


By lucky coincidence, the OPSY alumni Christina Lüthy, who co-authors a project on care ethics in alternative organizing with Jonas, is currently a post-doc at Lund University, which allows the duo to transcend online collaboration and work face-to-face together. Jonas also engagedly writes on a paper project with Chris Steyaert, the chair of OPSY, on emancipatory entrepreneurship as they theorize the transition of social enterprise towards a democratic cooperative.